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A TeachSC scholarship could help you pay for your future teaching program. Find out how.

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Learn about our scholarships

We offer scholarships for future teachers all over South Carolina. Check out current TeachSC scholarships below, and find the one that’s right for you!


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Who's it for?


TeachSC Classic Scholarship$1,000Any future educator applying to a teaching programJuly 31, 2024
Future Special Education Teacher Scholarship$1,000Any future special education teacher pursuing certificationAugust 31, 2024

How to Apply

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We love that you’re becoming a teacher. We love it so much that we’re offering a limited number of scholarships to teaching program applicants.

Here’s how you apply:

  1. Sign up for a TeachSC account.
  2. Submit an application to one of our partner educator preparation programs.
  3. Complete the application form and provide proof of your application by the deadline for the scholarship you want.
  4. Once all of these steps are complete, you'll be entered to win a scholarship to help cover the cost of your tuition.

Get $100 Back

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TeachSC provides more than scholarships! Did you know we’ll reimburse up to $100 when you apply to one of our partner teaching programs? That’s guaranteed money back for any of your application costs — including application and transcript fees, program deposits and more! 

TEACH Scholarship FAQs

If you’re looking for help with any TeachSC products and services, we're here for you. Visit Support.

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