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To download TV and radio spots for broadcast, visit PSA Connect. For closed captioned videos, see below.

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Education is Our Responsibility

"There is no profession more rewarding or more crucial to the future success of our state and nation than teaching. Whether you are in high school, college, or someone seeking a more fulfilling career, I strongly encourage you to consider becoming a teacher and having a lifelong impact on current and future generations of learners." 

—Molly M. Spearman, South Carolina Superintendent of Education

The Future Depends On Teachers

In partnership with the nation’s State Departments of Education, we're excited to announce a new PSA campaign for our K-12 public schools. To download the TV and radio spots for broadcast, visit PSA Connect.

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View and download our PSA video with captioning in 60-, 30-, 15-second versions—ideal for websites and social media.

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Everything you need to become a teacher

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