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A South Carolina veteran leads a high school math class

From Military to Classroom

Your next mission will change lives. Find support for service members, veterans, and their families.

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Why veterans make great teachers

A former South Carolina service member leads a lesson with his elementary school students.

Great teachers are leaders. They take initiative, adapt to changes and have the discipline and tenacity to work through challenges.

Sound familiar? As a veteran, you already have the skills to thrive in the classroom — and to prepare South Carolina’s students for a changing world.

We need great teachers who not only equip students to succeed, but also represent the breadth of backgrounds, experiences and cultures in our schools. Over half of South Carolina students are students of color, but the vast majority of teachers are white and female. (1) (2)

Nationally, veterans who become teachers are 66 percent male, and 36 percent come from minority backgrounds. (3) That matters: Students — especially boys and students of color — do better when they have at least one teacher who shares their race or gender. (4) That means your presence could make a big impact.

You’ve already made our country a better place. Keep making a difference for the next generation of South Carolinians.

Why teach in South Carolina?

A summary of South Carolina support for veterans and family members: tax benefits, scholarships, free or reduced tuition, expedited certification application processing

South Carolina is proud to offer additional support for military service members and their families. That means you can stay in South Carolina, earn your teaching certificate and give back to your community.

Your local South Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs can help you find benefits and apply. Learn more about education benefits in the next section or the SC Military Benefits page.

As a teacher, you’ll continue a tradition of service and help shape our country’s future.

How can I pay for a teaching program?

Get financial support to become a teacher. Whether you’re an active duty service member, veteran or family member, there are plenty of opportunities to help you reach your goals.

Check out the slides below to find a few of our highlighted resources and scholarship opportunities. We also recommend visiting the TeachSC Financial Aid Explorer, as well as scholarship pages from the University of South Carolina and the College of Charleston.


Get Career Advice

A smiling SC service member stands in the courtyard of a teaching university building.

A TeachSC career coach can help you decide if teaching is right for you, map out your pathway and find financial aid. Talk via phone, video chat or email — it’s all free.

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