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South Carolina Teacher Salary

As a South Carolina teacher, you’ll receive a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits and opportunities to grow your career. We'll tell you everything you need to know.

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South Carolina’s average teacher salary is around $53,000, and most salaries are on the rise. (1) In fact, since 2015, the state’s minimum teacher salary has increased by over 20 percent! (2)

On this page, you'll find everything you need to know about salary and benefits for South Carolina teachers.

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How Much Do Teachers Make In South Carolina?

Each district has its own salary schedule, but in general, your salary will be determined by your experience level, credentials and location in the state.

There are a number of ways you can increase your salary, such as earning advanced degrees or leading extracurriculars. You can also earn bonuses when you meet certain performance benchmarks, or if you earn your National Board Certification.

How Much Do Similar Professions Make in South Carolina?

Salary numbers are important information, but you may also be wondering how teacher salaries compare to other professions. 

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A South Carolina school teacher salary is comparable to or even higher than many other fields. Plus, teachers usually work just 180–190 days each year—compared to 260 work days a year in most other fields.

Compare average salaries and work days across the state (8): 



Days of work per year

Average Salary

Business and FinanceCredit Counselor260$40K
LawParalegal or Legal Assistant260$43K
Social ServicesSocial Worker260$44K
Art and DesignGraphic Designer260$45K
HealthcareRegistered Nurse260$66K
TechnologyWeb Developer 260$73K


Benefits for Teachers

In South Carolina, teachers receive comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance—plus secure retirement plans and vacation time.

Now is a great time to become a teacher. Teachers are in high demand across South Carolina, and the number of teaching opportunities is projected to grow in the coming years.

How Much Job Security Will I Have as a Teacher?

Female teacher guiding students using microscope.

Now is a great time to become a teacher. Teachers are in high demand across South Carolina, and the number of teaching opportunities is projected to grow in the coming years. (12

You’ll have extra job security if you get certified in a critical need subject or critical need geographic area.

Learn more about critical need areas at our About Certification page. You can also visit the SC Department of Education Critical Need Areas page for a list of current critical need geographic areas in South Carolina.

Career Growth for Teachers

Your teaching journey doesn’t necessarily need to start and end in the classroom. As an educator, you can grow your career—and your salary—by moving into an advanced teaching role, getting certified to teach additional subjects, becoming a school or district leader, working on education policy… The sky’s the limit! 

Want to learn more about career growth possibilities for teachers? Visit our Teacher Career Path Guide for more ideas and options. 

Want to stay in the classroom? 

If your heart is in the classroom, you can teach and grow into specialized leadership roles. For example, you could become:

  • A peer evaluator who offers instructional support and feedback to colleagues.
  • A mentor teacher who helps student teachers and early career teachers develop their teaching skills and strategies.
  • A lead teacher who runs your academic department at your school. 

Many districts provide extra pay for these leadership roles. 

Interested in opportunities outside the classroom? 

After you have some teaching experience under your belt, you might be curious about shifting your career focus. School or district leadership positions can be a great next step. Assistant principals, principals, curriculum coordinators and superintendents all help South Carolina schools and districts run smoothly to support teachers and students.

These administrative roles also come with their own salary schedules and salary bumps. For example, you could earn:

  • $85K–$100K as an elementary school principal in Jasper County School District (13)
  • $64K–$92K as a coordinator in Richland One
  • $74K–$106K as a middle school assistant principal in Richland One (14)
  • $89K–$124K as a high school principal in Rock Hill Schools (15)

These salaries are samples, to give you a sense of the types of jobs and salaries available in school and district leadership.

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