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Call Me Mister with grade school students

Call Me MiSTER

Join Call Me MiSTER program—a program for Black, male aspiring teachers. Get coaching, mentorship, scholarships and more.

You can find a Call Me MiSTER program (Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role models) at 18 participating colleges in South Carolina.

Is Call Me MiSTER for you?

Call me Mister with grade school students

Call Me MiSTER is building the next generation of Black male teachers.

You’re eligible if:

  • You’re an Undergraduate education major in one of the following programs: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle-Level Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, or Art, Music, and Physical Education.
  • You’re earning your initial teaching certificate through a Master of Arts in Teaching program for the following: Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Middle-level Education, and Secondary Education.
  • You’re enrolled at one of the 8 two-year technical or 18 four-year partner colleges in South Carolina listed below.

Why join Call me MiSTER?

Call Me Mister participants

If you’re an education major in early childhood education, elementary education, middle level education, special education, or music education at a partner school, you’ll get:

  •  Academic coaching
  •  Leadership training
  •  Mentor teachers
  •  Financial Aid 
  •  Professional Development
  • Job placement assistance

As a MiSTER you will have the opportunity to receive 1:1 coaching from advisers along with scheduled Mister meetings, where you are able to gain advice and insight on how to succeed in your classes. The cohort helps to build self esteem and encourages you to advocate for yourself as a student and upcoming teaching professional. 

See below for step-by-step application details.

Two-Year Partner Programs

Four-Year Partner Programs

Call me MiSTER currently partners with several diverse South Carolina colleges and universities. See a list of participating schools below:
  • Charleston Southern University

    Charleston Southern University

    Charleston Southern University’s College of Education focuses on the caring and competent educator while incorporating a faith-based perspective. At CSU, you will develop instructional skills through coursework and enter classrooms your first semester to incorporate as much classroom experience as possible by graduation.
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  • Claflin University

    Claflin University

    Clafin is not your average university. Founded in 1869, Claflin was the 1st Historically Black College/University (HBCU) in South Carolina. Claflin was also the 1st to open its doors to people of all backgrounds regardless of race, class, gender, and/or any of the other social constructs.  For over 150 years, Claflin has remained committed to its mission in which diversity and inclusion are central to the development of future leaders and scholars in their chosen fields of study.
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  • Clemson University

    Clemson University

    The Clemson College of Education is a transformative leader in improving education. The College will equip you for a career and a life that make a difference. CU works tirelessly to develop initiatives that respond to today's educational landscape – including teacher recruitment, retention, and leadership development.
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  • College of Charleston logo

    College of Charleston

    #GreatTeachersMadeHere—it's the truth. Schools request to hire College of Charleston students before they graduate because they exceed requirements, have extensive practical experience in schools before graduation, and are ready to teach ALL learners in ALL schools. As evidence, College of Charleston received a national award in 2021 from the accrediting agency!
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  • Columbia College

    Columbia College

    Columbia College is known for quality teacher preparation. As an education major, you’ll develop the personal and professional skills you need to be successful as a teacher. With teaching jobs in high demand, you can change lives and make an impact the minute you graduate.
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  • Lander University

    Lander University

    Lander University has a long-standing tradition of producing talented teachers. The Department of Education focuses empowering students to becoming quality professionals, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens.
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  • Newberry College

    Newberry College

    Newberry College is a small liberal arts college that prides itself on a family atmosphere and individual student attention. The Teacher Education department provides individual mentorship from professors, small class sizes and applied learning.
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  • Southern Wesleyan University

    Southern Wesleyan University

    Southern Wesleyan University trains teachers to model "Scholarship within a Christian Ethic of Care." After five years, over 88% of graduates remain in the profession, and many represent their districts as "Teachers of the Year" because of their passion for teaching.
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  • Winthrop University

    Winthrop University

    The Richard W. Riley College of Education—the Teacher College of South Carolina, along with the school, community, and industry partners—is eady to engage you in dynamic programs and hands-on experiences that push you to reach your goals and pursue your passions.You'll benefit from a community that learns together and thrives on close relationships and supports from faculty, staff, and program partners.
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  • Anderson University

    Anderson University

    An effective educator must master both knowledge and teaching strategies so all students can learn. As a student at Anderson University, you are trained to provide safe, supportive, and learning communities for the children you are called to serve in the future.

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  • Benedict College

    Benedict College

    Benedict College desires to be a leader in innovative education. Benedict College is a place of full-time learning — from the classroom to the community — the legacy of “BC” as inclusive, pioneering, and “family-oriented” is cherished. Benedict College is proud to be part of this rich legacy as a private historically black, liberal arts college in Columbia, South Carolina. The college has been named a top HBCU, and is committed to providing transformative learning experiences for a diverse student body.

  • Coastal Carolina University

    Coastal Carolina University

    At Coastal Carolina University you have many opportunities to get involved both on campus and in the local community through our student organizations. Students who participate in education-related student organizations are involved in community-based service and professional development experiences. This mission of Coastal Carolina University is carried out by teaching, advising, tutoring, mentoring.

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  • Limestone University

    Limestone University

    Limestone University values excellent teaching and supportive student-faculty interaction. The College of Education encourages faculty to promote active learning in face-to-face and online classrooms. Faculty members aim to cultivate the intellectual curiosity of each student of the University community.

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  • Morris College

    Morris College is a premier college in South Carolina! At Morris College students have access to a high-quality education which results in employment and achievement of their educational and career goals.

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  • South Carolina State University

    South Carolina State University

    Since 1896, South Carolina State University has maintained a legacy of excellence in education. South Carolina State University is consistently among the national leaders in producing African-American students with bachelor degrees education. The College of Education encourages students to embrace critical thinking, fluent expression, and the understanding of history and culture.

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  • University of South Carolina Aiken

    University of South Carolina Aiken

    USC Aiken is renowned by its commitment to transformative teaching made possible through high impact learning practices, undergraduate research, small classes, and individual attention. The University encourages and prepares students for success by challenging them to think critically and creatively, to communicate effectively, to learn independently.

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  • University of South Carolina Beaufort

    University of South Carolina Beaufort

    The University of South Carolina Beaufort is a dynamic and vibrant academic community that serves the South Carolina Lowcountry and beyond. The faculty and staff at USCB are devoted to each student and their individual needs. Limited class sizes and a small campus atmosphere means you will receive personalized attention.

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